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2022 Reservations now available for Aqua Safari!

About Us


Hello, My name is Brad Jordan and I am the Owner-Operator of Maine State Sea Kayak! This is my life’s dream, and I welcome you to the Quiet side of Acadia National Park, Maine and/or the Pura Vida experience in beautiful Tamarindo, Costa Rica!

Since 2000, Maine State Sea Kayak has been delighting adventurers with wildlife tours on the remote western side of Mount Desert Island. Our Aqua Excursions (Water based) primarily utilize Tandem Sea Kayaks made here in Maine- This allows us an opportunity to cover larger distances in a safe and comfortable manner. We choose not to paddle in the more crowded Bar Harbor/Frenchman’s bay region, instead we opt for the “Quiet-side” of Acadia. Our more remote routes allow us to respectfully paddle through wildlife habitat, to feel alone on our excursions, and to focus on providing more Nature-Based paddling opportunities! We are so confident in the routes we paddle that we now offer a Wildlife Guarantee!

NEW and EXCITING- In 2021 we will be expanding our guiding operation on an international level. We will now offer both Aqua (Water) and Terra (Land) adventures from our Southwest Harbor, Maine Location. We will also be  offering both Aqua and Terra adventures out of Tamarindo, Costa Rica! You will soon be able to see our offerings for Costa Rican Summer (Dec-March) by clicking on our Tamarindo, Cost Rica link!

Core values: We are driven by six core values-Build The Team, Be Safe, Share The Passion, Respect Wildlife, Promote Youth Paddling and Be Environmental Stewards.

Why choose us?

  • Closest to NATURE” -This is our promise to you! If you wish to paddle the Quiet-side, we are the only sea kayak company based on the backside of MDI. Our launch sites are located on the Quiet side, all under 15 minutes shuttle from our shop. Our shop offers hassle free on-site parking!
  • Aqua-Safari’s – The name says it all, our guide’s are master interpreters of their environment. They work diligently while with you to interpret the routes we paddle, to share knowledge of our surroundings, and foster love for nature and all that inhabits it. There is a reason Jeff Corwin chose us when he visited Acadia.
  • Commitment to the environment- We believe we are extremely blessed to have the opportunity to operate on Acadia’s quiet-side! We strive to give back, to reduce our footprint, to engage locals and visitors in beach clean-ups and initiatives aimed at preserving this beautiful island habitat.
  • We are also Maine’s Highest Rated Sea Kayak outfitter! I thank my team for this!


  • Perfect safety record
  • All guide’s required to demonstrate/maintain rescue and paddle skills beyond holding guide license
  • We continuously review/update our risk management plan…Ask about this before booking any tour!
  • Fresh, yet experienced ownership- A fresh set of eyes goes a long ways in terms of safety, program planning, and marketing. Procedures should continuously be reviewed/improved upon. It is difficult to do so without seeing the entire operation- Brad is actively involved on every level, seeking feedback from his peers and reaching out to industry leaders-  because he is aware that stagnation is risky to business. He focuses on building teams, and allows the rest to occur naturally

TOP RATED on TripAdvisor and Yelp!

Great blend of excitement and relaxation

“experience. Stunning scenery, exciting encounters up close with seals, porpoises, loons, and eagles, and a perfect way to spend a day outdoors. The entire operation was efficient and professional and a great experience from the moment we arrived, covid-19 and all. Travis, our tour guide, was the perfect blend of local expertise, humor and fun, and professionalism. Highly recommended as a great way to see MDI from the water and build a perfect day into your Acadia trip.”

Top notch kayaking experience

We went on Friday 4 hour tour wildlife excursion tour (July 24, 2020) Kyle was our guide.
This operation is TOP NOTCH from all the safety measures taken re: COVID to the instructional guides prior to departing.
We were able to see porpoises (definitely NOT dolphins), harbor seals, Bald eagles, loons, osprey and schools of fish.

The paddling is very manageable and would be suitable for someone who has never kayaked before.
I would definitely recommend water type shoes – you will need to step into some water to properly get into the kayak.
Kyle was incredibly versed in all things on the water. He was full of ‘fun facts’ about the area and just an easy guide to interact with.

I would highly recommend this outfit for anyone thinking of some kayaking!!

Number One Kayak Experience of a Lifetime

I have kayaked in the most stunningly beautiful locations on the planet – New Zealand, Hawaii, Costa Rica…but the Wildlife trip with Maine State Sea Kayak has risen to my number one favorite kayaking experience. We saw mom and baby porpoise, lots of playful seals, Osprey. I felt like we were in a National Geo doc. And this part of the MDI coast is so peaceful, serene and breathtakingly gorgeous. We never saw another boat during our entire trip!

But what moved it to my #1 slot were the guides and professional yet laid back Maine way of operating this business. Owner, Brad, came along with us and I was blown away at how capable he is at such a young age and how creative and forward thinking he is as he shared his future plans. Working as a professional marketer in hospitality, I was just a bit more than impressed. So it was no surprise that they covered all bases to adhere to Maine State COVID-19 regulations. They even had some innovative measures that the State and other tourism entities should adopt.

Our guide Travis was not only passionate about kayaking and keeping everyone safe on the water, he also shared such interesting facts about the wildlife and area we were exploring. He always had a watchful eye on our group while clearly loving his job with such enthusiasm and skill! The other guides along for the ride kept me in stitches (ahhh, names??? let’s just call them the Dinos) but also were quick to step in and assist with absolutely anything we needed.

First timer, novice or expert, it would not be possible for you to walk away from this trip and not want to go back again and again. I will and not only as my new birthday tradition. Thank you Maine State Sea Kayak for making my 64th birthday one of the best in my lifetime! K.C.

a group of people in a small boat in a body of water

Today show hosts Dylan Dreyer and Sheinelle Jones enjoy guided paddle led by Owner/Operator Brad Jordan

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