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Grateful for my amazing team, please be kind, Mount Desert Island is short staffed and working hard <3

Ocean Trip – Bays of Mount Desert Island

Private 2-6 people 180-360
Private 7+ Call to Book!

$60 per person | 2 Hours | Private Sessions Available!


Paddleboarding in the calm bay waters surrounding Mount Desert Island is sure to be an unforgettable experience.

Our sessions are well-suited for beginner and intermediate level paddlers alike; including those who have been a few times, have never taken a lesson, or who want to improve their skills.

Ocean sessions provide a more a scenic and adventurous paddling environment. Each session includes:

  • A safety orientation
  • Some basic instruction on proper balance and paddling technique
  • A considerable amount of time for sightseeing, playing, and having fun on the boards

The cost includes an instructor and all the necessary gear (including a wetsuit) you would need for an exciting, fun, and safe experience.

Minimum Age: 12 years


2 hours