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2022 Reservations now available for Aqua Safari!

Aqua-Safari (Bar Harbor Shop)

Peak Season Adult - 16+ Must be 16 years or older
Peak Season Adult - 16+ (copy, every Saturday and Sunday through July and August only!)) Must be 16 years or older
Shoulder season adult Ages 16+
Peak season Child Must be 56" or 10 Years old
Peak season Child (copy, every Saturday and Sunday through July and August only!) Must be 56" or 10 Years old
Shoulder season Child Ages 10 - 15, min height 54"

Our Aqua-Safari excursions are catered to all ability levels. A very enjoyable paddling experience!

Our Aqua-Safari excursions are catered to all ability levels

Our Aqua-Safari’s are catered to all ability levels. Using the wind, tides, and dynamics of the group to ensure the most enjoyable paddling experience. We feel that a 4 hour tour gives adequate time for relaxation, wildlife viewing, and interpretation from our professional Registered Maine Guide staff. Your Registered Maine Guide will decide which route will be the most enjoyable and safest based on wind direction/velocity, visibility and tides. We paddle Western Bay (Pretty Marsh), Blue Hill Bay, and Somes Sound. Most tours are one-way. Occasionally, a tour might be round trip. Your guide will stop on a coastal beach for a short lunch break, We highly recommend adding a Sip’s lunch box to your reservation! Maine State Sea Kayak specializes in quality Ecological Sea Kayak Tours. Tandems are most commonly used versus single kayaks

All participants must be checked in half an hour prior to trip time, this is for safety purposes.

We are located in Bar Harbor and finding parking ahead of meeting time will be your responsibility. In order to maintain a quality experience for all of our guests each tour will leave promptly at the scheduled time…No exceptions or refunds will be made. prior to your trip to reduce travel frustrations

Each child under the age of 16 must be at least 54″ and accompanied by an
adult. (Please call to see if accommodations can be made)

Participant Testimonial

“Wildlife Galore!”

“We went out on the 4pm-8pm, 6.5- mile tour with a group of 11 people, launching near Bartlett Island and ending at Clark Cove. Our guide, Brad, was fantastic. He has an uncanny and super human ability to spot wildlife from a quarter mile away. We saw harbor seals, 5 bald eagles (including a fledgling!), porpoises, osprey, crabs, sea stars, and more. The equipment was good and the tour very safe. It was a one-way trip, where they drove us to the start and back from finish. They strategically planned the paddling direction to have the current and breeze at our backs, making for a really pleasant ride.”

a group of people in a small boat in a body of water

Today show hosts Dylan Dreyer and Sheinelle Jones enjoy guided paddle led by Owner/Operator Brad Jordan

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