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COVID-19 Updates and Protocols

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My team and I, We care. We care that as a team we remain healthy. We care that our community of Southwest Harbor, MDI, and the people of Maine reMaine safe and healthy. We care for our visitors health. We care a whole lot. And that is why we will strictly adhere to our guidelines as set forth by the state. These guidelines which are not up for our interpretation, are in place to keep us all healthy, and safe. We will not find loopholes, or interpret them in a way that works best for us. We will implement these in our workplace, as a dedicated team. You will adhere, or you will not participate. And we truly hope you choose to participate because our trips are still worth it!!! So here is what we have in place:

  • Staff temperatures are monitored and recorded daily. Staff are supported on all levels if they do not feel well. Including Sick pay.
  • Covid guidelines are being updated on our web page, social media, email correspondences, and at our physical location.
  • Physical distancing is set up in every aspect of our tours. We have worked diligently to ensure this.
  • Our tours will operate with the least amount of close contact possible (this includes our shuttle which has been approved per DECD and IF&W standards)
  • Masks are now a part of the process, we would prefer not to wear them as well, but in the shuttle and anytime inside office they must be worn. (You will agree to this upon reservation).
  • We are sanitizing any high touch surfaces in adherence to CDC and EPA approval.
  • We will continue as a team to brainstorm protocols throughout the season, we will not slack. All of our safety depends on this. We will share our lessons and encourage other businesses to do the same.
  • If there is a time we feel as a team that we must close for safety reasons, we will not hesitate. We believe the greater picture is public health.
  • We have increased our minimum wage to $15/hr. This is a difficult year for all, but we feel this decision best reflects our brand and encourages safety and well-being of all who come into our space. That is our goal.

We hope you are able to visit, we love what we do. We wish you and yours the absolute best.


Maine State Sea Kayak Team.